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How is breast reconstruction done?

Whenever you perform a total mastectomy, you should try to do breast reconstruction. It can be done in one or two stages.  A stage when immediate breast reconstruction and symmetrization with the contralateral prophylactic breast are carried out at the time of initial treatment. In two stages when unilateral surgery is performed, provisional reconstruction with an expander, definitive reconstruction in a second moment, associated with contralateral prophylactic mastectomy. This second option is indicated in more advanced tumors, which will undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The reconstruction will take 6 months, after the end of the radiotherapy.

The aesthetic results are quite satisfactory and women who undergo reconstruction feel much better than those who do not, with obvious advantages in preserving their self-esteem and self-image.

There are several techniques for reconstruction and the choice is always individual. Aspects such as:

Size of breasts.

Amount of skin removed.

Amount of abdominal adipose tissue.

Presence of previous scars.

need for radiotherapy

Patient preference.

What are the reconstruction techniques?

Flaps with muscles and skin from another region can be used, such as the abdomen (straight muscle of the abdomen) or the back (latissimus dorsi muscle), and expansion prosthesis implants, silicone implants or even expander prostheses with silicone.

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