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DIAGNOSIS, at the time of

  • What did the biopsy I did reveal?

  • What type of breast cancer do I have? What is his stage? How big is the tumor? Do I have metastases?

  • What tests were done on the tumor and what were the results?

  • What tests do I need to do before surgery to see if the cancer has spread to other organs?

  • Is an Hereditary Breast/Ovarian Cancer Genetic Profile test indicated in my case?


SURGERY, before the

  • How long should I stay in the hospital? Will I need someone to help me when I get home?

  • What will I feel after being operated on? What will be the restrictions on my routine activities?

  • Where will my scar be? How will my breast feel after the surgery?

  • Will I use a drain?

  • Do I need any special bra?

  • What care, with the breast skin, should I have in the days preceding the surgery?

SURGERY, after the

  • When will I be ready to resume my activities?

  • What precautions should I take?  Should I avoid getting injections in that arm and shaving or shaving the armpit on the operated side?

  • What are my chances of getting lymphedema since some lymph nodes have been removed?

  • What are the special exercises to do with your arms? For how long? What activities and exercises should I avoid?

  • Where can I find a group or association for women who have also had breast cancer? Where can I find a psychotherapist who will help me emotionally?

  • How will my case follow up?

  • How often should I have control tests, lab tests, X-rays?



  • What types of reconstructive surgery? Does my health plan cover this type of surgery?

  • What is the best surgery in my case? Why?

  • What are the chances of infection and/or rejection of the implant that will be done? Are there other risks or side effects to consider?

  • When will it be best to rebuild? Immediately after surgery or a few months later?

  • How many surgeries will I have to undergo? How many days will I be hospitalized in each of them? And the time for convalescence? Are there any medications I should avoid taking before the operation?

  • Will I feel a lot of pain after surgery? What changes will I see in my body?

  • Will the implant of the prosthesis make the new breast resemble my healthy breast? What can be done to make the new breast look more like the healthy one?

  • Will I be able to identify a possible relapse of the disease after breast reconstruction?

  • Not wanting to do the reconstruction, what types of external prostheses can I find on the market?



  • What hormones are indicated for my case? Why?

  • What is their effect?

  • What are the possible side effects of these hormones in the short and long term?

  • How long will I use adjuvant hormone therapy?



  • Why is chemotherapy the recommended treatment for me?

  • What drugs will I take? Why?

  • What are the possible side effects? Will they be permanent? What are the long-term risks?

  • What side effects should I urgently report to the doctor?

  • When will chemotherapy be started?

  • Will I need a special deep vein venous access?

  • What is the form of treatment and its frequency?

  • How long is it? Should I undergo other treatments as well?

  • During the treatment period, can I continue working, exercising, playing sports, etc.? And what precautions should I take while undergoing chemotherapy?

  • Would a tumor gene signature test help my case decision?



  • Why is radiation therapy recommended in my case? Will other therapies be needed?

  • How long will it last? When will treatment start?

  • Who will be the doctor responsible for my radiation therapy?

  • What are the side effects and for how long will they show up?

  • What risks can this treatment present in the long term?

  • What resources to protect my heart from radiation therapy?

  • What are the precautions and restrictions during this period? And after treatment (eg use of creams, lotions, etc.)?

  • Will I be able to continue my usual activities (sex, work, sports) during treatment? And after him?


TREATMENT, alternatives of

  • What are the treatment options for my case? And what are the recommended procedures? Why?

  • What is your opinion about conservative surgery followed by radiotherapy? Is this procedure indicated in my case?

  • Will I need to undergo adjuvant treatment (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy) after surgery? Which doctor is indicated?

  • Will the breast reconstruction be done right after the mastectomy or later, at another surgical time? Which plastic surgeon is recommended?

  • If I don't want to do breast reconstruction, what are the existing external prostheses and where can I find them?

  • Is contralateral prophylactic mastectomy indicated for my case?

  • Will there be benefit from preoperative chemotherapy or hormone therapy?

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