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What is the color doppler breast ultrasonography like?

Doppler ultrasound of the breasts is characterized by the evaluation of the breast parenchyma through the two-dimensional mode plus the Doppler velocimetric study.

Color Doppler is a feature present in some ultrasound devices that gives color to everything that moves, that is, to the blood inside the vessel. Therefore, if a breast nodule is hyper vascularized, we will be able to recognize the vascular pattern by this feature.

- The vascular pattern observed in the breast nodule takes into account some criteria, such as the number and location of the vessels (whether it is peripheral or central).

- Another criterion evaluated is the spectral curve, which informs the value of the maximum and minimum systolic velocity. The normal value of the maximum systolic velocity for the breast is around 16 cm/s. Some authors have reported higher velocities in the case of malignant neoplasms, but these data are not well established in the world literature.

- This test is useful in the complementary assessment of focal mammographic changes or clinical findings and in the clinical suspicion of inflammatory processes.

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